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Send Flowers Jakarta


Send Flowers Jakarta. 0822 9868 1272. Busy looking for Online Flower Shop? Here is the place for Selling Flower & Bouquet! Dont be hesitate, just click first.

Why must give a Flowers?

The Benefit of giving flowers is a question that hangs in Jannet Haviland-Jones’s heart from the Department of Psychology at State University of New Jersey. Together with 3 colleagues, they do 3 series of research.

  1. In The First Study, it is known that “Interest can affect positive behaviors”. Women who receive flowers will show Duchenne Smile or a truly honest smile. And, positive feelings were still reported by the sample up to 3 days afterwards.
  2. In the second study, women and men who received interest when in the elevator had more positive social attitudes than other social activities.
  3. In the third study, women over the age of 55 will show a positive emotional atmosphere. And the amazing thing is that Episodic Memory from 55-year-old women will rise again.



The results of this study concluded that :


Flowers have long-term benefits in influencing positive emotions and social attitudes and enhancing episodic memory.


Researchers suggest that flowers are not only used as decoration but should also be used for psychologically beneficial things. The results of this research were published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology in 2005.

This study reinforces that giving a flower on Birthday or Valentine day or night is not just a symbol of formality, but A flower is the key to open up positive emotions.


How do we know which Flowers are good for “her”?

 Toko Bunga Jakarta

Prestisa provides Send Flowers Jakarta which is of coursly, Fresh & High Quality, it is certainly “Done” by experts in the field. So that the interest in the message will look Elegant and beautiful! You do not have to worry about the price that we offer, because we have made an agreement with the Floral Arranger in all Countries of World. So our prices stay competitive and the same as our selling price if you come directly to our Partner’s Florist.


If a series of Poems can not convey to heart, maybe a bouquet of Flowers can represent it all.


Express your Love to your lovely people with Flowers. Bouquet Flower has always been a medium that is often used for expression on various occasions, flowers play an important role in every event.

Various Wreaths with various types of flowers such as, Rose Flowers, Hand Bouquet, Flower table, Flower Boxes, Hot Water Baloon, and Bungabang can be an option to provide gift because the flowers can provide good mood. And also the Condolences Flowers, Crusades, Wedding Flowers & Congratulation Flowers to illustrate your expression.

Make every moment with loved ones more special and unforgettable. Give an unusual greeting by giving Flowers, because the flowers will make the mood happier. Let’s start from here, now search and Send Flowers Jakarta of your choice only at Prestisa.com

We are a Trusted Send Flowers Jakarta. Ready to serve your ordering and delivery of flowers with Easy, Safe and Fast.


Did you had know what will you choose? now let pick the Products!

Send Flowers Jakarta provides various types of wreaths, such as:

Starting from a home-based business, Send Flowers Jakarta was established in 2012 in a simple house garage, which also became the Prestisa Head Office located in Bekasi Barat area with the address of Jl. Merak5 No. 5A, Perum. Inkopol Jakasampurna, Bekasi.

Since the establishment of Prestisa, until now already has 10,000 Customer, while the Customer consists of various companies such as Oil Gas, Logistic, Bank, Government, Leasing, Print Media, Television, Consumer Good, etc ..

What Flowers is?

Flowers are the modified leaves and stems around them. Rose is one of the symbols of love, and has also long been associated with romance. Poet Robert Burns once wrote “my love is red, as red as a new rose blossom in June”. For hundreds of years, the beautiful rose blossoms have been honored for their beauty.


The goddesses of love in Greek mythology as well as ancient Rome, Chloris Aphrodite and Dionysus, are associated with roses. As a symbol of love began since ancient times. There is an interesting narrative about the creation of roses in Greek mythology

  • Chloris, the Goddess of flowers makes the roses by giving life to the lifeless bodies of a human person.
  • Aphrodite, the goddess of love gives her beauty
  • as well as Dionysus, the God of Grapes giving sugar to give a sweet scent.

Because of these three gods, the Rose has a charm, brightness and an impression of joy. In such a way created the majesty of god with so beautiful there on the various flowers that supposedly make the symbol of love in the gift from the past until now as it is in the Send Flowers Delivery Jakarta


Why must Order Flower Online in Prestisa?

Because Prestisa is the only one Send Flowers Delivery Jakarta which is serving the best service! because we think buyer’s satisfaction is very important, it is impossible for those whose hours are busy, while they spend their time just for bad service. We are aware of the precious time you spend on this, and will be quite disappointed if you encounter bad service is’nt it?

Here we invite you not only to Buy and Sell Flowers only, but we present More than that, about the definition of a Best Service. from a Send Flowers Jakarta

from most of us we know, “good people will get the best service too, so we have applied to more than 10,000 our loyal customers.




Same with pic on website

We sell the same type of flowers with the example, The interest sent by Prestisa is similar to the picture posted on our website, in other words the Flowers you see is 100% Similar to the one you will receive.

Open on Holidays

Prestisa makes it easy to order Sell Fresh flowers on Holidays, even though our holidays are still open, you can still order flowers online for important events.

All Country of World

Prestisa works together local florist in all parts of world so make the product you message in Fresh condition.

Report Pict <4 hour

To further ensure the order as you wish, Prestisa will make sure the flowers we send have been in accordance with your wishes.

Quick Invoice

For each order there will be an Invoice and immediately Prestisa instantly send it to you, so if there is a product error you can directly request a change.

Free Delivery

For every Order Flower in Prestisa, we do delivery to your destination address. 100% WITHOUT SHIPPING Fee.


How to Buy ?

We provide two ways to purchase:

  • (Order Via Whatsapp) The way you can directly click on Whatsapp Logo above that directly leads to our CS.


  • (Order Via website) The way is below

karangan bunga jakarta


  • Click on the product you selected on Prestisa Website

  • Check your shopping cart, make sure the product you have ordered is the same as you want

  • Fill in the ordering data

  • Choose a payment method such as ATM, Credit Card, Paypal, or by using Internet Banking.

  • Done. Your order we process immediately


Further Information

Customer Service 0813 1888 6828 / 0822 9868 1272

Email Sales1@prestisa.com

Prestisa sell flower for every occasion, we provide any flower you need: flower bouquet, flower box, flower board, wedding flower, etc. You can easily order by 24/7 online, fast delivery on Banda Aceh. Prestisa also have a vast service for 524 city in Indonesia.

Kami adalah toko bunga Jakarta Barat Prestisa, kami merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dalam jasa pengiriman bunga untuk ke Jakarta Barat dan kota-kota lainnya di Indonesia. Kami memiliki rekanan yang berada di kota Banda Aceh, sehingga kami bisa menerima pemesanan untuk pengiriman ke Kota Jakarta Barat. Bunga Pesanan anda akan langsung kami kerjakan di Jakarta Barat. Toko bunga ini berbasis online dan terbaik di indonesia.Toko bunga kami initeradapat pula di daerah Jakarta Barat. Jadi apabila anda ingin memesan bunga di toko kami silahkan anda menghubungi custumer kami atau anda dapat mengunjungi blog kami yaitu di prestisa.com

Make your order by phone or Whatsapp to 082298681272, or simply by email sales1@prestisa.com


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